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2011-11-04 MZ-Insider Volume1 Issue1

NewsLetter 2011
2011-11-04 MZ-Insider Volume1 Issue1

Hi There

I am forwarding this initial email to only a few select people who I hope will have a moment to read through and be completely honest about what they think.  Is it too technical?  Is it of no interest to you?  Did you find the information helpful and relevant to your needs?  Should I be including something else?  There are no hurt feelings here.  I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want to know.  J

I know everyone is really busy and time is becoming a luxury item.  I would like to help people save time with a few short cuts, not to mention less computer "slow or down time".  I will do my best to share tips and tricks to help everyone spend less time guessing and more time doing what they want to do.

Below is the first issue that I am planning to send out.

If it is really bad just send back "OH NO" and if you could let me know why. If you like it I hope you will let others know they can contact me by reply email and I would be happy to add them to the list.



To my very valued customers and friends:

It started as an idea to assist my friends and customers with their computers / laptops / SmartPhones.  And now it is an email that I will forward on an as-needed basis to anyone who wishes to be kept up-to-date on the latest viruses, applications, updates, etc.!

The reason you have received this email is because at some point you have had contact with us at MyZone Computers. If you would prefer not to receive any emails from us, please reply to this email and change the subject line to REMOVE and we will not include you in any future mailings.

Over the last few months more and more people have been asking if we could keep them advised of viruses and other computer related information. Since we believe it is imperative we keep ourselves updated on all the newest "bits and bytes", we would like to share this information with our friends and customers as well.  This will ensure everyone is getting the most from their computers and phones!  Please remember we are always here to help!

These emails will cover issues such as:

·   New Viruses that are out there

·   New ways to fight those Viruses (off line scans)

·   General News on things we feel you would be interested in

·   News about SmartPhones (More and more of us have them)

·      Application Tips and Tricks For SmartPhones.

·   Software Tips and Tricks for your computers

·   Backup Tips

·   How to choose a Smart Phone

·   General Computer Security - How to secure your data

·   How to maximize battery life for mobile devices

·   And much more – including any of your suggestions!

If you know of anyone that might be interested in getting this News Letter filled with tips and tricks please let them know about us. We will be happy to include them.

Also let us know if there is anything that you would like to know more about. Any Issues that you have. We will do our best to answer them.


Here at the store, we are able to see first hand what is happening and how different viruses affect computers. Over the last few months we have switched our main Antivirus Program we install at the store to Microsofts: MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials).  We did a lot of testing and comparing and MSE at the moment is the one that we install on all the systems that we sell and repair.

Like all Antivirus it is not 100%. But compared to other Anti Virus programs it is:

·   faster

·   runs silent in the back ground

·   it’s background scanning does not interfere with what  you are doing

·      it will check any new data storage Device (USB Drive, DVD,...) for threats as soon as

  any data is moved to your system. Other Anti Virus Programs do that as well, but MSE

   seems to just do it a little better

·   Updates Automatically

·   And is FREE

More info on MSE:  This is a nice to know but if it is not a “Need to know”, You can skip to the next section.


Being FREE is great but it is not why we use it.  It just allows us to give our customers the best possible antivirus experiences.  WHY? Well it seems that Microsoft now has finalyl dared to entered into the Anti Virus game (ANTI TRUST and MONOPOLY are things Microsoft has had to deal with for such a long time), that is why they left it to other companies to come up with solutions Antivirus Solutions in the past.


But for us computer normal users that was not the ideal way.  Microsoft knows it’s product best and therefore, as we can clearly see with MSE, is able to provide a great program using that inside knowledge. And to top it off they can do that free of charge for us.

Well come to think of it it is their product that they are fixing with it.


SmartPhones are great. But oh can they be frustrating. Like when the Smart Phone suddenly decides that it will delete all your text messages. All 3000+ of them. This happened to me and to others. Did not feel so smart then. I had a lot of info in the 3000+ test messages.

So besides the point this should not happen, it can. With that in mind we recommend backing up your Text Messages. For Android Phones (Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony,... ) we recommend SMS Backup & Restore:SMS Backup and Restore


This is the App we use. It is straight forward and what I like about it is I can email the Backup to myself at my email account. So in case I lose my phone, I can still restore them. You can also set it up to automatically Backup your Text Messages on a schedule. It is a free application. But if you use and like it I am sure you will be able to help them out with a few dollars.

We highly recommend downloading this application if your text messages are important to you.

When you download this application, it will ask you to “back up”.  It will automatically choose a place to store your messages so just accept.  There is a small envelope in the top right hand corner.  If you tap on that it will bring up the screen where you can email them to yourself.

So that is the first addition to these emails.  Each one will be different and hopefully not so technical that it will not be useful to you.  If that ever happens, please let me know right away as I have missed my objective.   

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.  Take care and “Happy Computing!”

Robert Hausner

MyZone Computers

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194 North Front Street, Belleville

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