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We Specialize in Happy Customers

MyZone Services
Price Comparison
Free Inspection
Advanced Inspection $24.99
$65.00 Basic Reinstall
$95.00 Basic Reinstall Plus
$45.00 Software Assurance
$65.00 Software Assurance PLUS
$349.99 Deluxe Reinstall
$79.99 Backup Solution
$9.99+ Storing Of Your Data
$40.00+ Home Backup
$19.99+ xternal Data Storage Solutions
$9.99 Application / Software Reinstall
$199.99 Windows 7 Home Premium (Software +Installation)
$249.99 Priority (Same Day / Next Day)
$50.00 Laptop Rentals

We Specialize in Computer Repairs

Bringing Business Class Service To You

New Business Hours

Mon - Thurs. 9am - 5pm
Fri. 9am - 7pm Sat. 9am - 2pm

If you need your computer repaired print out the price list and service sheet. Fill in what you can. We do the rest.

QRCode Contact Info for MyZone Computers:

You can now add our contact info with ease to your Smartphone by scanning the QRCode. We use QRDroid. Down Load it from the Android Market Place.





New Laptop Arrivals 

These are great
  • Use For Home and School D420 School and Home Laptop $299
  • Lightweight but still rugged to withstand the daily use as a true laptop.
  • Not one that you have to baby around and use as a desktop.
Dell D410 With Windows 7PRO only $249
Dell D420 With Windows 7PRO only $299

And come and check out these are amazing Laptops.
  • True top of the line business class
  • Logging on and keeping your stuff safe is a breeze with the built in finger scanner. All it takes is one quick swipe and you are in and others stay out:).
  • To top it off it keeps your data safe by having a spill proof IBM Lenovo Business Class Laptop Notebook $399 Finger Scannerkeyboard and a self parking Hard-drive.
  • You will not find this at any Big Box's Store only at MyZone Computers.
IBM Lenovo T61 Windows XP PRO for $599
IBM Lenovo T61 Windows 7PRO for $699

Call Us Today! 613 969 1165
MyZone Computers Service List

2) Basic Reinstall $65.00

3) Basic Reinstall Plus $95.00

4) Software Assurance $45.00

5) Software Assurance PLUS $65.00

6) Deluxe Reinstall $349.99

7) Backup Solution $79.99

8) Storing Of Your Data Starting at $9.99

9) Home Backup Starting at $49.99
10) External Data Storage Solutions Starting at $19.99

11) Application / Software Reinstall $9.99+

12) Windows 7 Home Premium (Software +Installation) $199.99

13) Priority (Same Day / Next Day)  $249.99

14) Laptop Rentals $50.00


MyZone Computers
194 North Fornt Street
Belleville Ontario K8P 3C2
Phone: 613 969 1165 | Fax: N/A | Email: info@myzonecomputers.com
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