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Basic Reinstall $ 65.00

MyZone Services
Price Comparison
Free Inspection
Advanced Inspection $24.99
$65.00 Basic Reinstall
$95.00 Basic Reinstall Plus
$45.00 Software Assurance
$65.00 Software Assurance PLUS
$349.99 Deluxe Reinstall
$79.99 Backup Solution
$9.99+ Storing Of Your Data
$40.00+ Home Backup
$19.99+ xternal Data Storage Solutions
$9.99 Application / Software Reinstall
$199.99 Windows 7 Home Premium (Software +Installation)
$249.99 Priority (Same Day / Next Day)
$50.00 Laptop Rentals

2) Basic Reinstall $ 65.00

The Goal of the Basic Reinstall is to return your Computer to Factory Default. This means the computer will be Reinstalled with the Original Operating System that it came with. Or in the case you had upgraded it, and the COA  sticker is present, to that version of the operating system.

All necessary Drivers will be applied and the Device Manager checked to ensure all is working fine. If time permits, updates will be installed. (This can not be guaranteed for Rush Service).

When you get your system back, it will look and act different then when it was delivered to us. All data will be erased (You can select to purchase the Backup $79.99 option to restore your data. Please see #7 Backup Solution for more detailed information about this service), Desktop background will be the default system background. All software will have been removed (needs to be reinstalled by yourself or see #11 Application / Software Reinstall for more details)
Basic Reinstall will give you a fully functional system that is ready to go and which you can re setup yourself the way you would like it.

All Viruses, Spy Ware, Mal-ware has been removed. All Favorites and Bookmarks are gone. All Cookies are removed, all the history is removed.

The system is now at its peak performance and ready for you to enjoy again.

We Dust and Clean the System.
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