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Software Assurance $45

MyZone Services
Price Comparison
Free Inspection
Advanced Inspection $24.99
$65.00 Basic Reinstall
$95.00 Basic Reinstall Plus
$45.00 Software Assurance
$65.00 Software Assurance PLUS
$349.99 Deluxe Reinstall
$79.99 Backup Solution
$9.99+ Storing Of Your Data
$40.00+ Home Backup
$19.99+ xternal Data Storage Solutions
$9.99 Application / Software Reinstall
$199.99 Windows 7 Home Premium (Software +Installation)
$249.99 Priority (Same Day / Next Day)
$50.00 Laptop Rentals

4) Software Assurance $45

This is a unique service that is currently only offered by MyZone Computers. For $45 in addition to your Basic Reinstall or Basic Reinstall PLUS, you will receive FREE unlimited system reinstall for one year.

This protects you from the unforeseen costs of sudden virus attacks, Mal-ware intrusions, or simply having a slow computer.

All you have to do is bring in the computer for us to restore your system. And as mentioned, you can do this as many times as you want during the one year period.

You can extend this service after one year for $45. It will then Cover you again for the next year against the unforeseen costs of having to reinstall your computer.

The Software Assurance Service does not protect against data loss. We strongly recommend that you backup your data on a regular basis to avoid data loss in the event that you need to reinstall (re image) your computer.

To reduce the risk of data loss and not to have to re-setup your computer after we re-imageit, you can choose to upgrade to Software Assurance PLUS.

In addition we do strongly recommend that you backup your data on a regular basis. We can assist you with that. See Backup Solutions (#7) and Home Backup Solutions (#9) for more details.
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