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Laptop Rentals $50.00

MyZone Services
Price Comparison
Free Inspection
Advanced Inspection $24.99
$65.00 Basic Reinstall
$95.00 Basic Reinstall Plus
$45.00 Software Assurance
$65.00 Software Assurance PLUS
$349.99 Deluxe Reinstall
$79.99 Backup Solution
$9.99+ Storing Of Your Data
$40.00+ Home Backup
$19.99+ xternal Data Storage Solutions
$9.99 Application / Software Reinstall
$199.99 Windows 7 Home Premium (Software +Installation)
$249.99 Priority (Same Day / Next Day)
$50.00 Laptop Rentals

14) Laptop Rentals $50.00

We offer Laptop Rentals to any customer who has a computer in for service. It is a flat fee of $50. No extra fee is charged if for any reason the service takes longer then originally quoted.

The laptops are free to be used in any way. Just ensure when they are returned they are in functioning order. Meaning the hardware is fine and not damaged in any way. If there is any damage the customer is responsible for repair cost or can purchase it

All laptops will be reinstalled after rental and any data on them will be erased. So please make sure you backup all data you want from the laptop before it is returned to the store.
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